Finding Purpose + Values

Finding Purpose Values

We’ve talked about values and purpose on and off here, but what exactly do we mean? We focus on these things because they become the guiding posts in our lives; the parts that give us direction when things feel tough or confusing, the things that recenter us when we get off track, the part of our spirit that propels us forward.

And if you’re reading this thinking, “cool, but what the hell is my purpose?” this article is for you.

The average human is just out there floating, living life day by day without a thought in the world. It isn’t until we step onto this path of personal development that we start… paying attention. Start digging, start questioning and wondering and tweaking. So if you’ve come to Reframe wondering what your purpose in life is, you’re certainly not the only one who has never really thought about it until just now.

But purpose and values are things we can identify, cultivate, uncover. We touched on identifying values when we discussed decluttering your space to eliminate unnecessary stress in our lives—by decluttering from a values-based framework, we can truly understand what is important to us. Marie Kondo aside, the values assessment in that article is a great place to start when we identify our values. You can hop back to that article for a starting place, then join us back here to talk purpose.

Now that we understand what some of our base values include, let’s discuss uncovering our purpose. This is a constant edit—something we will investigate for the rest of our lives, and it will change over time. But today, let’s get a better understanding of what builds meaning and purpose into your life.