Quick Guide: Evidence-Based Mental Health Hacks

Evidence-Based Mental Health Hacks2

Body Scan

We’ll dive deeper into mindfulness in coming modules, but a mindfulness practice called a “body scan” is another excellent way to return to the moment. Whether we need to reconnect with our physical body in the middle of a depressive episode, or we feel a panic attack coming on, we can call on a body scan to return to ourselves (and identify where the discomfort is living).

A body scan is a quick mental inventory of how your body feels from top to bottom: start at the crown of your head and work your way down to your toes. Notice where you’re holding tension, what parts feel extra buzzy, the finger that won’t stop tapping, the pressure you feel in different places. Does something feel heavier than normal, lighter than normal, agitated, numb? Practice nonjudgment as you notice these sensations—don’t assign positive or negative labels to them, just notice and move on.

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