Disputing Irrational Beliefs (DIBs)

Disputing Irrational Beliefs

So we already know that our thoughts carry power; they can impact our emotional, physical, and mental health. They can impact our behavior and overall satisfaction in life. And, we know that we have the power to challenge and change our thoughts. One such tool for doing this is DIBs—Disputing Irrational Beliefs.

The heart of DIBs is challenging the validity of our beliefs. Finding evidence to confirm or refute those thoughts, so that we can begin operating from a reality-based mindset. If we’re living our life, making decisions (or not), and existing within our relationships, all while we have a litany of untrue beliefs running through our mind, that makes everything that much more difficult. When we dispel irritation beliefs and then envision what it will feel like to release them, we immediately reduce the potency of those beliefs.

To use DIBs, select a thought pattern that is coming up for you frequently. One that is driving the bus—impacting your behavior, thoughts, or relationships. Then, seek evidence to determine if it is reality-based or not.  If we find that it is based in reality, we can begin figuring out how to change that reality. If we find that it is not based in reality, we can release it.