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Decluttering Your Space

Once we know what our core values consist of, we can use them as a guidepost. Consider the following areas and see how your current status aligns with your identified core values: emotional, spiritual, relational, physical, educational, professional, intellectual, and financial health. When considering each category, decide if your current situation expands upon or shrinks your core values.

Now let’s work on decluttering a few specific areas:

  1. Cluttered calendar - are there things on your to-do list that are poorly aligned with your values? Do you say “yes” to things that don’t expand your life? Is there something you do habitually that no longer fits your core values?

  2. Cluttered work space - do you have literal clutter in your workspace that you stare at every day? Do all of those knick knacks on our desk align with your values? Is there a place you can file all of those papers you need so that they’re out of sight?

  3. Cluttered self-care practices - are you doing certain self-care practices because someone told you you “should”? Are you getting decision fatigue by having too many options? Do you have a few self-care practices that align perfectly with your core values?

  4. Cluttered home environment - have you been hanging on to that heirloom that you hate because you feel guilty? Does your home invite the feelings and emotions you value most? Is there a closet that raises your anxiety every time you open it?

  5. Cluttered electronic devices - is your desktop a mess of files that increases your blood pressure every time you look at it? Are you following too many people on social media and missing the ones you want to see most? Does it take you forever to find that app you want because there are 500 on your phone?

Once you’ve taken a few moments to do a mental inventory of these categories, choose one to tackle today. Notice how it feels in your body to have less clutter, and put the next one on your calendar for tomorrow.