Decluttering Your Space

Decluttering your space

We touched on this when we discussed removing unnecessary stress, but there truly is so much power in decluttering our physical and emotional space in your alcohol-free life. We already know that too much external stimuli can drain our mental energy, and that it’s harder to concentrate when we’re amidst chaos. When we live in a cluttered state, either literally or figuratively, we’re more at risk for needing external substances like alcohol to manage our energy.

Today, let’s look at how we can identify what should stay and what should go. We can do this by first conducting a values assessment. Begin by looking through the following list of values, and select the top 8 that are most important to you. Then rank in order, and narrow down to 3 or 4. These core values are handy to know for many areas, but especially for removing things from our lives that do not align with them.