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Building Systems into Our Lives

For example, do you find yourself typing out the same email every day? Could you create an auto-response in your email system, or could you have a word document with the information saved that you can just copy/paste? Do you have client contacts that you need to do regularly, but you’re scattered and inconsistent? Could you block off the same day/time every week to knock them all out at once? Systems!

Or perhaps every morning you’re slogging through your morning routine and never have time to really get into the good stuff. Could you make it part of your evening routine to set out your journal, essential oils, coffee supplies, and your morning book on the couch, so you can get right to the juicy feel-good practices when you wake up instead of fumbling for the coffee grinder? Systems!

The point in building systems is to give ourselves the ability to no longer think about the mundane stuff so that we maintain strong mental energy throughout the day. We know that if we are unable to manage our energy, we may find ourselves fried at 5 o’clock, reaching for a drink to bring us down. A system is Steve Jobs laying out his black turtle neck every single night. Stevie-boy knew that even the slightest decision fatigue took away from his ability to create the phone you’re probably reading this on right now.

Today, identify 3 things that you could create a system for, and streamline them by just 5%. Some ideas:

  • Meals + cooking

  • Grocery shopping

  • Bill paying

  • Email responses

  • Your email inbox

  • Choosing what to wear

  • Your laundry system

  • Car maintenance

  • Your dishwashing system

  • Kid pick up/drop off

  • Your morning routine

  • Your evening routine

  • Pet care

  • Your mail sorting

Building systems into our lives2