Building Systems into Our Lives

Building systems into our lives

When these habits and routines begin to multiply in our lives, we hope that these changes begin to make things run a little more smoothly for us. We’re able to identify the habits that no longer serve us, and even if we’re not totally rid of them yet, we’ve begun to stack positive, healthy habits that we know will eventually drown out the negative ones. Our morning routine fills us up in the AM, our evening routine is helping us get killer sleep, and we understand the science behind habit formation.

So what’s next?

We begin building systems into every part of our lives. Systems are like automation; things that we do routinely, with clear structure, that help to streamline our everyday tasks. These systems could be as simple as measuring and grinding your morning coffee the night before, to building an entire cleaning schedule and meal plan for your household. The point is, these systems help take some of the mental energy out of your day to day processes so that you can save up all your genius for important things like not drinking alcohol.

To begin building systems, it can be helpful to take inventory of the things you do day in, day out, both at work and home. Are you having to really think through each of these tasks every time you do them? Are there things you can put in place that will take 1% of the mental energy away from them? 50%?