Building Mental + Physical Strength

Building Mental Physical Strength2

And so much of this strength begins with our habits. It’s likely that a certain habit of yours led you right here to this program; we know how much of an impact our habits can have on our lives when we pay attention to the way alcohol has shown up for us over the years. Similarly, our habits shape how we strengthen our body and our mind. We find physical health when we eat well and exercise, when we stay on top of doctor’s appointments, when we get good sleep. We find mental and emotional health when we build routine, take time for rest, when we keep our minds engaged. Without habits, we’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall.

So we revisit our existing habits. The good and the bad; we do an inventory of which habits are adding value to our lives, and which habits are detracting value from our lives. The ones that expand, grow, foster, and the ones that shrink, wound, harm. We also take note where habit is lacking; are we showing up for our physical health in any way? Are we taking time for our mental and emotional health?

Today, take inventory of what you’ve built so far. You’ve spent weeks with us here at Reframe, unlearning, building, evaluating, reframing. Celebrate the wins you have achieved: the new habits you have formed, the harmful habits you have left behind. Identify what your next steps are; how you’d like to continue to keep evolving your life and shaping it into the joy filled experience it can be. How are you building mental and physical strength into your wellness practices? What habits can you cultivate to continue your growth?