Building Mental + Physical Strength

Building Mental Physical Strength

As you’ve likely discovered by now, resilience exhibited as we change our relationship with alcohol encompasses a whole lot more than just “not drinking.” If we set the bar there, it makes it difficult to live a fulfilling life with joy and room for growth. When we raise the bar, raise our goal from just “drinking less” to building a life we no longer need to escape from with the use of substances, then we leave space for all the juicy stuff in between.

To achieve this, we focus on cultivating both our physical and mental strength.

Physical strength, because we know that with a sound body and good health, we better equip ourselves to live out in the world. When we are not at war with our own body, we have more energy to spend on the things that support our alcohol-free living. More energy to build joy practices, hobbies, foster our relationships. We have greater health, which reduces our likelihood of cravings. We sleep more soundly, which improves all aspects of our lives.

Mental strength, because we must repair the distrust we formed with ourselves when we were drinking. Because while “not drinking” isn’t just a matter of willpower, having strong willpower will support us on our path. Because sometimes this life requires the fortitude to stand tall in our decisions, against pushback and doubt. Because a strong mind helps us manage our mental wellness and know when we need to reach out for help.