Building a Positive Lifestyle

Building a Positive Lifestyle2

Because recovery is about so much more than not drinking, it’s so important to build a lifestyle that supports you and creates a joyful life that you don’t need to escape by consuming alcohol. Some possible lifestyle changes to adopt in sobriety:

  • Establish an exercise routine

  • Adopt a healthier diet

  • Prioritize sleep and rest

  • Begin a journaling practice

  • Incorporate meditation

  • Connect with a group of like-minded people

  • Explore your spirituality or faith

  • Find an accountability partner to pace with

  • Increase water intake

  • Explore new hobbies

  • Harness your creative side

  • Consume inspirational books or podcasts

  • Get involved in giving back

  • Incorporate play and joy practices

Your recovery lifestyle will be as unique as you are; only you know what your sobriety goals are and they will likely change over time. When we quit drinking, we enter a beautiful period of reinvention. Try on different lifestyles for size, see how they fit, and edit often. Building a lifestyle in sobriety that supports you is one of the most rewarding parts of this path.