Balancing “Should Do’s” with “Get To’s”

Balancing Should Do with Get To

When we take our “should’s” and turn them into “get to’s,” we shift into a mindset of abundance, gratitude, motivation, and contentment. This simple shift can make a huge impact, especially as we bring in activity that we initially feel resistance to. If motivation has been difficult for you to find, and just getting off the couch to wash your face feels tough, try shifting your perspective one activity at a time and see if it helps you.

And sometimes, things get in the way of all of the things we need to (/get to) do. You have to cancel your yoga class because you blew a tire, or you had a sick kid home from school so your lengthy home cooked meal has turned into boxed mac-n-cheese and hot dogs. That’s okay too. Our intentions are powerful, and so long as we don’t let one miss turn into missing an activity for the next year, we haven’t lost anything. One of the most powerful pieces from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits is to never miss a habit twice; once is fine, but missing twice gets us off track quickly.

How does shifting your perspective from “should do/have to do” to “get to do” change the way you view your to-do list today? Does this perspective shift help you find the motivation to begin that one thing you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t quite found the energy for?

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