Balancing “Should Do’s” with “Get To’s”

Balancing Should Do with Get To

One of our favorite things to do around here, if you didn’t already get the hint, is to “reframe” our thinking and look at things from a different angle. This framework is especially helpful as we figure out which pieces of our life we want to implement, nix, and how we balance all of the stuff we “have to do.” As we begin building in activity and reengaging with life through Behavioral Activation, reframing the way we view our activities helps us put one foot in front of the other.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “man, I should…” x, y, z. Should fold the laundry, should clean the cat box, should go to yoga, should make dinner. Where does that phrase feel like it’s coming from? Is it coming from excitement, appreciation, motivation? Or is it coming from obligation, frustration, or boredom?

When we reframe all of the things we “should” do, it helps shift our perspective. Instead of saying “I should do” something, how does it feel if you say “I get to do” something instead? I get to fold laundry. I get to clean out the cat box, I get to go to yoga, I get to make dinner.

It makes you realize it’s an opportunity, doesn’t it? You get to fold laundry, because you’re fortunate to have nice clothing and a way to wash it. You get to clean out the cat box, because you have a furry little friend who gives you companionship and comfort. You get to go to yoga, because you have an able body and the financial abundance to pay for the class. You get to make dinner, because you have healthful food on hand and the ability to fuel your body.