Awareness Visualizing Progress

Awareness  Visualizing Progress

As we work through these mindset shifts and through our overall alcohol-free path, one common misstep we are at risk of experiencing is losing sight of our progress, of where we’re going.

In the early days of alcohol-free living, it’s quite possible that you’ll wake up every day with the single objective of “just not drinking.” This is normal and logical during this all-hands-on-deck period of AF life. I picture this as a straight, horizontal line with a dot for every day: forward progress, but singular, steady.

To be certain, there’s nothing wrong with this steady, forward progress. But, as our journey evolves and we add more dry days under our belts, it can be helpful to take a step back and view our goals and objectives from a larger lens.

If we’re a year into living alcohol-free and still just waking up every day telling ourselves “just don’t drink today,” we’re ignoring all this time of evidence, feedback, trial-and-error, and knowledge from every day we’ve accomplished that goal before. If we stay in this single action, rather than calling in everything we’ve learned along the way until then, we run the risk of feeling a lack of purpose and fulfillment on our path. Every day is equally as difficult, and every day ahead of us will be too.

Instead, consider visualizing your alcohol-free path as a mountainscape: ups and downs, but never starting back at the beginning of the mountain. It’s a subtle mindset shift, to be sure, but can have an incredible impact on the way we perceive our progress, impact, and overall experience living alcohol-free.