How Alcohol Affects Relationships


We sometimes come to the decision to remove alcohol from our lives after those close to us tell us that a change is needed, and damaged relationships are one of the clearest signs that alcohol has begun to negatively impact our lives. It’s important for us to understand how alcohol impacts our relationships with those around us and what we can do about it.

First, take a deep inhale through your nose, breathe in loving kindness for yourself, and exhale through your mouth. Fraught relationships are one of the most difficult parts about our drinking life, and we must approach this with an abundance of self-compassion. Facing these issues head on is also an important part of moving forward.

We dug deeper into the neuroscience of alcohol use and addiction a few days ago, but an imperative thing to understand about habitual alcohol use is that it eventually hijacks the brain and leads to us using it despite negative consequences. This is exactly what addiction is, and it doesn’t make you less than for experiencing this. Alcohol works just like other drugs, because it is one.

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