Alcohol Free Commitment Devices

Alcohol Free Commitment Devices

Alcohol Free Commitment Devices: A commitment device is a technique where someone makes it easier for themselves to avoid akrasia (acting against one's better judgment).

1. Remove all alcohol from your home, if you live with others ask if they can have it in the garage or a separate fridge

2. Unfollow all accounts that promote alcohol consumption, brands, influencers, celebs, even friends or family if necessary

3. Make your sobriety public, this will hold you more accountable

4. Avoid alcohol, and friends who drink heavily in early sobriety. Build confidence before jumping back into your old life

5. Join a support group or community of like minded individuals, such as Smart Recovery, AA,  Refuge Recover

6. Set goals and rewards when you meet those goals. We are more likely to follow through with action with positive reinforcement. Please go to recovery goal in the app to set your goals 

7. Make a sobriety based Instagram account where you can focus on your journey, build a community and be open about your journey to help others

Credits - 1000 Hours Dry