How To Accept Distress?

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Observe: As humans, we are uniquely able to not just feel emotions but also to examine our own feelings - to introspect. When you're feeling negative emotions, assume the role of an observer and watch these emotions as they grow and weaken in strength. 

Describe: If you can see, you can describe it. You might find it very helpful to describe what you're feeling as you feel it. Describe the physical sensations you feel too. Describe them in rich and vivid detail - For example "I am feeling nervous. I can feel my heart beat fast ..." . The 'Log your mood' tool in the Toolkit might be helpful for this. 

Be non-judgemental: You are not your feelings. Don't judge yourself for any of your feelings - there are no right or wrong ones. Instead be curious about how the feeling comes in, progresses and goes out.

Use Imagery: You can use the urge surfing technique here by thinking of your emotion like a wave that rises and then falls. Use your imagination to create objects to represent your emotions. You could think of it like clouds in the sky or like cars on the road. Attaching images to your emotions will help you become more detached to them and allow you to observe them. 

Take a few long, deep breaths and allow your body to get more oxygen. It'll allow you to come back to the present moment and do the next right thing! Remember, emotions do not last.